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Food Related Signs

Let us light up your life today

with custom made LED Food Signs!



 Product Details

This item offers one brand new custom made LED lighted sign. Our signs are carved with the very latest in 3D surface and line engraving technology. This technology makes them attractive in every direction.


 We use the highest quality clear acrylic and LED light bars.

We offer a 5 year warranty on our LED Light bars.

Our signs come with a 5 ½ foot 110 power cord, optional on/off switch and an elegant hanging chain if you choose a hanging model of sign


Single color LED signs are available

in 8 different colors


 Multiple color signs

Available in ANY Color combination your would like. These multiple color signs emit your colors in a beautiful display even when they are not illuminated with our UV technology. Here are a few examples.




RGB remote controlled color changing signs

The color changing signs can:

  • Remain 1 of 16 different colors

  • Fade in and out between all of the colors

  • Flash between all of the colors

  • Fade in and out of the white color


 2 Color Color Changing Sign


 Want more options? We have them

Add more light bars, turn any sign into either a hanging or table top model or add a solid color background.




We offer 8 different sizes


Customize with your name

or the name of a loved one

We offer complete customization of all of our signs.

  • You can change, delete or add any image

  • You can change, delete or add any logo

  • You can change, delete or add any wording


Simply click on the contact us link at the top of this page and send us a message including the sku of the sign you would like to customize with the information that you would like to change, delete or add. We will be happy to work with you to ensure you receive the exact sign that you would like.


Let us light up your life today

by ordering your very own custom made LED sign.


We offer per-designed signs in the following categories:

Your Name”, Home Bar, Bar, Billiards, 5 O'clock Somewhere, Bar & Grill, Barbershop, BBQ, Beach, Business, Camping, Cannabis, Cigars, College, Coffee, Darts, Emergency Services, Police, Fire, Family, Firearms, Farm, Agriculture, Flags, Gaming, Garage, Golf, Gym, Happy Hour, Harley, High School, Holiday, Hunting, Ice Cream, Kids, Liquor, Beer, Wine, Man Cave, Military, Baseball, Music, Movies, NASCAR, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Open, Outdoors, Patriotic, Pets, Pizza, Poker, Psychic, Pub, Recording Studio, Recreational Vehicles, Religion, Food, Restaurant, Christian, Rodeo, Salon, Smoke, Shop, Soccer, Superhero, UV, Tattoo, Theater, Tiki, Tools, Wrestling, UFC, Vehicles, Motorcycles, Harley Davidson Sign

At Custom Sign Shack we specialize in bringing our customers imaginations to light. While we do have well over 2,000 designs on our website to choose from we also offer complete custom sign design services – FREE OF CHARGE! 


Not only do we guarantee the lowest price in the nation on our LED signs we will also work with you to come up with the perfect design for your food service business.


Do you have a specialty you want to let others know about like my favorite, the Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Dog! We will engrave your image in 3D and light it up in LED letting everyone around know your place is the place to satisfy their appetite. 


Maybe you want your food truck or trailer to match the bright lights of the midway at the State Fair? Or maybe you just want to light up the windows or walls in your restaurant. No more mundane decor for you!


All of our signs are available in a 1 color, 2 color or a color changing model and in 6 sizes. Prices start at only $30, when is the last time you bought something this valuable for your business for only $30? 


Choose from one of our many designs or please contact us today for a free custom designed LED Sign.