1. Do you go through the hassle of hosting a spaghetti dinner? How about a fish fry? Any type of fundraising meal equal TONS of work and upfront expenses. Not to mention trying to find enough manpower to pull it off.
2. How about a raffle? Asking people to donate money for a SLIM CHANCE of winning a pre-selected item? Over 99% of those donating to your fundraising raffle get absolutely nothing for their hard earned money. How many times can you successfully pull that off? 
3. How about the old favorites of selling food items such as donuts, frozen pizza, cookie dough, fruit baskets, candy bars etc. These items are usually way overpriced and many times the only people participating are already associated with your organization or are a family member of an organization member. So you end up gouging your own people with overpriced grub! And you still have the hassle of receiving and distributing the products when they come in.
Not long after your fundraiser is over everyone who donated to any of the above fundraisers have NOTHING to show for their hard earned money they gave you other then the one person who won your raffle. Oh sure some may have an extra pound or two from the donuts and candy bars when they step on the scale but, lets not count that.  The food has been eaten and the raffle drawing is history.
What if you could offer a tangible long lasting product to these same people? What if you didn't have to worry about organizing a fundraiser meal? What if you didn't have to worry about the upfront cost to the organization to prepare for the fundraiser? What if you didn't lose sleep wondering where you are going to get the manpower to pull off your fundraiser? At Custom Sign Shack we remove all of the "WHAT IF'S" from your worries.

1. We offer a tangible low cost fundraising item with our custom made LED lighted signs. These awesome lighted signs start as low as $30. And for each one your organization sells we give you back $10!!! These lights are gauged to burn for 100,000 hours, lasting long after your fundraiser is over.

2. Our system is contact-less as we ship our products directly to your customers. Not only is this convenient for your organization it also means your fundraiser is NATIONWIDE! Aunt Sally in San Diego isn't coming to your fish fry in Des Moines but she can sure order an awesome custom made LED sign for Uncle Joe's Man Cave!
3. We strive to offer top notch customer service. All items are shipped insured with a tracking number that is provided to your customer.  
4. NO MINIMUM AND NO LIMITS! We do not require a certain number of sales before you earn your kickback of $10 per sign and that starts with the very first sale! The sky is the limit for your earning potential.
1. We will provide your organization with a code to be used at checkout. We can also provide a code for each member of your organization or team if individual fundraising is preferred. Weekly tracking of sales will be provided.

2. Each group member or your groups parents simply shares a short message on social media, text message, email etc. with the link to our website letting their friends and family know about what you are raising money for.

3. Remember Uncle Joe & Aunt Sally from San Diego? They see the post on social media and can share it on their social media.... before you know it thousands of people, most you will never know have seen your fundraisering post and have access to the website and your code. It really is that simple.