Light up your ride in LED

Light up your ride in any of 8 LED lights or maybe go with a PHOTO UV LED  or a combo LED PHOTO UV design? How about a combination of both options? Be the envy of your buddies with one of these hanging on your wall.

The LED signs are made with the latest 3D engraving technology. We pull the lines from your photo and engrave them into the sign. The LED light will shine down through the acrylic reflecting off the engraving and emiting the light into the room causing your desing to become the light.
The UV PHOTO signs are made by using a UV Painter to paint your full color photo on the back of the sign facing forward. We will use your exact photo for the design layout The LED light will shine down through the acrylic and will illuminate your design like it is on center stage!

Single Color LED Examples

We do charge for the design you choose to have on your sign. Our prices are based solely on the size of the sign and the amount of colors. We do not own the rights to any logos and do not stock any merchandise. Each sign is custom made as ordered.